The Week of Eating Veganly

Nomniovorism is about ethics and challenges. Food should be delicious and as ethical as possible. Many of McWarmspice’s favourite people are vegetarians: one sister is a vegan, and both of his favourite sisters-in-laws are strictly non-meat eaters.  This week Bluebarry is in Spar (a small peaceful African republic) so Mc is trying out as many vegan recipes as possible.

Happily, Chloe Coscarelli has come along. She competes in national competitions and wins on a level playing field. Her vegan food does not need a special category. She beats the lipidacious fair and square.  The New York Times says she’s on something called Cupcake Wars (is there a show for everything on cable?), a show we’ll do our best to miss. Who’d fight over a cupcake, and why watch?

Mc will be posting his successes only, grading them according to: do you feel the need to reach for cheese/a takeout menu/ when you eat this dish? Does this dish remind you of something you’d rather have? Finally, will your friends say “my, this is healthy” after their first bite?

Black Bean Sliders with Spicy Mango Sauce

Verdict: no need for cheese or takeout/ very yummy on its own/ tastes as calorific as it is!

Chef Chloe makes it impossible to display her pictures, so click here

Mine were not as pretty, but I did take the time to cut them into diamond shapes.

What To Feed Children: Our First Nomnivore’s Dilemma

Here, Honey. We found something for you to eat.

We like children—a few in particular—but we don’t like their taste in food.  We want to cook for them. We want them to eat, but we also want to show them what good food is.

Here are our biggest dilemmas:

Children’s dish Pluses Minuses
Oscar Mayer Hotdog Encourages head to tail eating Exclusively head and tail eating is not a good thing
KD It is an attractive colour, particularly on our blue plates Enforces the misconception that food comes in packages
Chicken Fingers Good way to safely indentify unadventurous eaters before taking their recommendation of a restaurant Factory farmed meat promotes cruelty
Hamburgers Children not old enough to consent to rare meat; risk of serious disease;

See pizza, minuses

Fish Sticks See KD, pluses Again, leads the gullible to believe that food is naturally shaped into squares
Pizza Yummy Frequently served to children in restaurants with clowns, increasing the risk of crying


Identifiable as food; no increased risk of choking Small bits of food are easily spread throughout mothers’ purses as well as family homes

My scalloped potatoes were eaten before their photo session

So what do you feed a vegetarian child? We recently had a party with an 8 year-old vegetarian, one of our favourite people and the child of two gourmet omnivores. It turns out she eats everything BUT meat (though she liked her mom’s home-made mac and cheese most), but  MC Warm Spice wanted to have something to offer her.  So he tried scalloped potatoes from America’s Test Kitchen. Since he didn’t have time for vegetable stock, he substituted carrot juice.  This disguised the good cheese by turning it that familiar, unnatural orange children have come to expect, and gave a nice earthy flavour to the cream. Adding stock/juice also makes the dish a little less heavy.

Tortas de Lentejas: I will not be beaten by a lentil

When MC was home in his fabulous home town, he was taken by his equally fabulous sister to an excellent Mexican restaurant,  Cilantro Bar and Grill. Oddly, it’s in a strip mall between an unsuccessful insurance company and a particularly vile shopping centre, but it doesn’t matter. Perhaps to ward off the anger of Tea Party barbarians, the wait-staff is eerily blond, in that transparent skin kind of way. My sister’s largely Latin American circle finds it hysterically funny to be served authentic and delicious Mexican-food-like-you-can-only-get-in-Mexican-home by the Dane County Sons and Daughters of Finland. But as MC is wont to do, he digresses.

As a true nomnivore, MC doesn’t usually notice when a truly excellent meal is lacking in meat or dairy. But the tortas de lentejas he was served were so delicious, a meeting of the American Cow Association would not have batted an eye:  firm, earthy lentils fried in golden cakes, served with delicious homemade salsa, wilted spinach and thin yam fries.  His own attempt (below) was not so delicious, but he’ll try again and again, positing the results here. Please help him out if this is something you can make.

The recipe was lifted word by word in Vegetarian Times from Rick Bayless.