The Week of Eating Veganly

Nomniovorism is about ethics and challenges. Food should be delicious and as ethical as possible. Many of McWarmspice’s favourite people are vegetarians: one sister is a vegan, and both of his favourite sisters-in-laws are strictly non-meat eaters.  This week Bluebarry is in Spar (a small peaceful African republic) so Mc is trying out as many vegan recipes as possible.

Happily, Chloe Coscarelli has come along. She competes in national competitions and wins on a level playing field. Her vegan food does not need a special category. She beats the lipidacious fair and square.  The New York Times says she’s on something called Cupcake Wars (is there a show for everything on cable?), a show we’ll do our best to miss. Who’d fight over a cupcake, and why watch?

Mc will be posting his successes only, grading them according to: do you feel the need to reach for cheese/a takeout menu/ when you eat this dish? Does this dish remind you of something you’d rather have? Finally, will your friends say “my, this is healthy” after their first bite?

Black Bean Sliders with Spicy Mango Sauce

Verdict: no need for cheese or takeout/ very yummy on its own/ tastes as calorific as it is!

Chef Chloe makes it impossible to display her pictures, so click here

Mine were not as pretty, but I did take the time to cut them into diamond shapes.

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