Salad of the Year!

After fruit, vegetables are definitely my favourite food group, but oddly, I find few salads hearty enough for a meal. This one isn’t hearty enough either, but it’s closer than most, and is very delicious. An addition of a nice chick pea dish, some homemade bread, and a glass of un-oaked chardonnay and I’d be good to go. 

The impetus was from my two of favourite food bloggers, who, like I, were a little nonplussed by  Bon Appétit’s recipe of the year. A vegetarian dish as recipe of the year? Bring it on! Three of my favourite people (yes, Nancy, you’re one of them) are vegans. But something so easy? Sad. Where’s the challenge? But this is still delicious, so I’m calling it the best salad of the year, and one I think I could modify for vegan visitors. (Yes, Nancy, a hint). It will be a staple in our kitchen. It’s delicious, it’s easy, and going back to my main point, delicious enough to be craving worthy.

Nomnivore’s policy is not to pretty up our dishes with photos from other sites, because we want to be transparent about our product. We used baby kale, which was absolutely delicious, but not very pretty once cooked, and by that I mean: it looked like the skin from the creature of the Black Lagoon. We sincerely regret not cutting off the stems first (they were kind of nasty), but we ate every crumb of this salad. 

To start off with, we shaved gorgeous local beets razor thin (they really do need to be razor thin, or the magic is lost, and yes, Urban Herbivore, I’m talking to YOU).Image

Here are the pretty pics.
ImageImageWe then added layers of arugula, homegrown cucumber, hot peppers, and the dressing. We topped it with the kale chips.

Here is our none-too-pretty but plenty-delicious salad of the year.

I venture that this will be a good way to introduce one of the most delicious and nutritious foods, kale, to kids, in a way they’ll love. I’m planning on trying it for the world’s cutest critic of Stephen Harper, and perhaps her sister, one of our favourite dinner guests and people. Image


Thanks, Bluebarry, for the excellent photos!

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