A cake for consenting adults

caek 015Bluebarry and I like almost any foodstuff one is likely to happen upon in day to day Western life. No fruit or vegetable makes us go “ick”, and we’ll pretty much try anything you make for us. But we have one common dislike that is awkward and that can cause hurt feelings: We hate cake. Not cake per se, but bad cake with icing. Not that there isn’t good icing out there. We just don’t care to look for it. Our family and friends know enough to not bring us sweet cakes. We call it being caek’d, and we are perfectly comfortable saying to our friends: Don’t cake me, bro.

So what do we love? Anything MC’s sister Dory makes, and this  clementine cake recipe from Nigella Lawson.

Clementine cake – made primarily with whole braised clementines and ground almonds – is not very sweet, it is densely moist but very light on the palate, and it keeps for almost a week. We always make it for Bluebarry’s mom (MC’s mother-in-sin), and any guests who happen upon us in clementine season.

It’s dead easy to make (google will translate amounts if you use the ‘= ‘sign), but I suggest beating the sugar and egg well and then adding the pulp and a generous, heaping spoon of baking powder.

Happy  Armenian and Orthodox Christmas, and bon appétit!

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