Summer, Spain and Soup

After a less than perfect spring, the garden is finally yielding an appreciable number of tomatoes. They’re all cherry-sized… the squirrels had their way with all of the full-sized ones, as well as the eggplant, the peppers, etc.


Last night, in a Spanish mood, we made some tapas (a couple of which we’ve posted before), and a riff on this Thomas Keller dish. We used sustainable lingcod from Hooked, substituted manila clams for the mussels, and threw some lovely Baja shrimp in with the lingcod, poaching both of those in olive oil.


Today, we whipped up this Chilled Corn Soup with Basil.


A mandoline makes short work of stripping corn from the cob.


Good, full-fat buttermilk is worth searching out. It’s so much better than the thin, supermarket kind.


Leeks and garlic added depth (though I should have sweated the leeks…)


A drizzle of good olive oil and a sprinkling of home-grown piment d’Espelette finished the dish.