Flower Power

I’m nothing if not persistent. Last winter, I promised not to be caught cooking from Noma in the absence of rose hip vinegar.


Being a hardcore urbanite with no vehicle and even less of an idea of where to forage, I emailed various eco-florists asking for non-insecticide-sprayed hips. A few weeks later, one of them remembered my email when he took delivery of some sticks loaded with the red berries. Thanks, Joseph @ Eco|stems!


Plucking the berries is a simple matter of avoiding the thorns. At the blossom end, there’s a nodule that needs to be removed to make it easier for the vinegar to penetrate. This can be removed with a fingernail or small knife.


A quick wash, then into the vinegar they go. And that’s it. Most recipes say to use apple vinegar. I figured that Noma would use the most hardcore hippie raw unfiltered cider vinegar, so I went with that for most of the hips. To hedge my bets, I made tiny batches with clear cider vinegar, and with white wine vinegar.


I hope it turns out. Right now, the raw cider version looks like something that needs to be sent to pathology, stat