Tortas de Lentejas: I will not be beaten by a lentil

When MC was home in his fabulous home town, he was taken by his equally fabulous sister to an excellent Mexican restaurant,  Cilantro Bar and Grill. Oddly, it’s in a strip mall between an unsuccessful insurance company and a particularly vile shopping centre, but it doesn’t matter. Perhaps to ward off the anger of Tea Party barbarians, the wait-staff is eerily blond, in that transparent skin kind of way. My sister’s largely Latin American circle finds it hysterically funny to be served authentic and delicious Mexican-food-like-you-can-only-get-in-Mexican-home by the Dane County Sons and Daughters of Finland. But as MC is wont to do, he digresses.

As a true nomnivore, MC doesn’t usually notice when a truly excellent meal is lacking in meat or dairy. But the tortas de lentejas he was served were so delicious, a meeting of the American Cow Association would not have batted an eye:  firm, earthy lentils fried in golden cakes, served with delicious homemade salsa, wilted spinach and thin yam fries.  His own attempt (below) was not so delicious, but he’ll try again and again, positing the results here. Please help him out if this is something you can make.

The recipe was lifted word by word in Vegetarian Times from Rick Bayless.