Cooking with Dexter

Cooking with Dexter

Bluebarry went to the St. Lawrence market today, and came home with a 15″ paellera. This was, of course, overkill for two nomnivores, however keen their appetites. So, the tiny paella – paradoxically featuring huge homegrown tomatoes and monster shrimp – was cooked in a tiny vessel. No recipe to speak of – just good calasparra rice, a 3 to 1 ratio of liquid (water, wine and pureed tomatoes) to rice, started on the stovetop and finished in a 350’F oven for about 30 minutes. Here it is, fresh out of the oven and coyly pulling itself back from the sides of the pan:

(We’re playing with the Hipstamatic iPhone app, and enjoying the menacing, Dexter-esque effects it gives to otherwise cheerful foodscapes.)

The texture was great, although it did lack the prized crunchy underside. We were also too light-handed with the saffron and piment d’espelette.

Working backwards, the paella was preceded by two long-time favourite tapas from a  NY Times New Year’s Eve issue (2004!)

Here, lovely anchovies rest atop sliced piquillo peppers, unaware of the approaching (shriek!) toothpick.

On the right, thickly slice Spanish chorizo, braised with white wine, sherry and fresh rosemary, finished with a sherry glaze. Together: salty, sweet, fatty, mouth-filling goodness.