Swiss Chard Pie (Tourte de Blette Sucrée) : the Tribe has Spoken!


My sister (my first and strongest culinary inspiration) used to make us Swiss chard pie. It is an odd sweet snack that is so unique I can never remember precisely why I like it so much, only that I do, and that I love serving it to people. I make it every year or so.

This time, looks trumped flavor. It was a little too sweet, and the crust was a little thick on the bottom. But I think it’s worth posting for two reasons: this is really something you’re unlikely to come across anywhere else; and it comes from a truly excellent cookbook that seems to be out of print except on Google Books: Paola Scaravelli and Jon Cohen’s A Mediterranean Harvest.

Rather than type out a whole recipe, I’m going to give you David Lebovitz’s recipe (it’s more accurate than it would be if I typed it out on my own), and then add Paola Scaravelli’s and Jon Cohen’s directions and my own. 

Don’t add cinnamon, use freshly ground black pepper (Scaravelli and Jon Cohen)

  1. Add two scant scrapes of nutmeg (McWarmspice)
  2. Try Thomas Keller’s excellent pine nut crust, particularly if you are lactose intolerant. (Hi Chad)
  3. Cooking apples can be replaced by pears (Scaravelli and Jon Cohen)
  4. Although it’s traditional to make this with a top, I suggest you don’t (guess again), if for no other reason than arranging and then caramelizing fruit on the top of a tart is truly one of life’s greatest pleasures.
  5. Add a tablespoon of cream to turn the egg into a proper custard if you run short of filling.